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Safety Push Button Quick Coupling, Series KP

Self-venting quick coupling system with push button, nominal diameter from 5.5 to 8 mm for pneumatic applications up to 12 bar. Coupling system with ISO B, ISO C and Euro profile. Made of anodised aluminium/nickel plated brass/NBR seals.

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    Parker's Safety Quick Coupling Series KP is a safety coupling with pushing button integrating self-venting system according to ISO 6150 B, ISO 6150 C and EURO. The self-venting takes place during disconnection in 2 steps – no risk of pressurized hoses being tossed around. When the pushing buttind is pressed one time, the plug is released yet remains locked in. The coupling valve closes and the air is vented from the air line at the same time. Only then, by pressing the button again, can uncoupling take place safely. The system fulfils the requirements of ISO 4414 – increased safety standards in the work place and make the use easy.

    The right plug for self-venting series KP can be found as followings :
    - ISO 6150 B; DN 5,5 : Plug series 23
    - ISO 6150 B; DN 8 : Plug series 30
    - ISO 6150 C; DN 5,5 : Plug series 18
    - ISO 6150 B; DN 8 : Plug series 84
    - EURO; DN 7,4 : Plug series 25

    - Machinery Construction
    - Automotive
    - Industrial process factory

    - Safety coupling with self-venting mechanism
    - No whiplash effect due to the self-venting which takes place during disconnection
    - Easy to connect and discconnet with one hand

    - Workshops
    - Cleaning
    - Blowing
    - Pneumatics
    - Air-Operated Tools
    - Ring Main Circuits
    - Packaging


Performance Characteristics

Body Material


Maximum Operating Pressure

12 bar

Minimum Operating Temperature

-20 °C

Maximum Operating Temperature

100 °C

Quantity per Box



0,13 to 0,18 kg

Industry Application

Workshops, Cleaning, Blowing, Pneumatics, Air-Operated Tools, Ring Main Circuits, Packaging


Compressed air

Specifications Met


O-Ring Material


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